When you need Substance and Entertainment, you need ​Wesley Aleshire

  1. Managing Director
    I attended a seminar when I was 17 years old. The only reason I agreed to attend is that I was invited and had nothing better to do. When we arrived at the event it seemed that I was the youngest person in the stadium and there were thousands of people. At first, I thought everyone was being cheesy with the amount of excitement everyone had. Then people started getting emotional, this made me pay closer attention to what was happening and I started to feel the impact of those positive words. I had never felt such a desire to look towards my future before that day and as I continued to listen to the speakers, I was captivated and amazed. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to inspire change so that others could feel the same desire to move forward that I did. The most memorable speaker at the event was Zig Ziglar, his audiobooks helped guide my outlook on life.
  2. Managing Director
    I was 24-years old when I had gotten my first opportunity to present a training program. I had 2 sessions, each had between 40 – 60 people attending. If you don't count the cold sweats, dizzy spells and butterflies it was a great experience.   I can still remember it as if it were yesterday. I remember observing some of the attendees taking notes while others played with their phones but more than anything I can remember those who appeared to be completely focused on the message and how that felt. There was a woman in the audience who was leaning forward with her elbows on the table, she looked as if she was so focused on the message that nothing could disrupt her, that’s when I realized I had started on the path I had always hoped for.
  3. Managing Director
    I have always been motivated to work, as a kid, I washed cars in the neighborhood and even sold newspaper subscriptions door to door by the time I was 11-year-old. At 15, I got a “real job” working at a retail store in Austin, TX. Over the next several years I worked as a salesperson in the retail industry while going to school. I started my career in 1997 in the property management industry as a part-time leasing professional. Over the next two decades, I was fortunate enough to work with several great leaders that helped guide me to where I am today. Positions Held -National Trouble-Shooter -Multi-Site Manager -Regional Manager -Director of Acquisitions -Regional Training Manager To date, I have spoken on behalf of corporations and associations in more than one-third of the nation’s states. Ever since my first seminar, my focus has been on business development, employee development, solution strategies and curriculum development.
  4. Managing Director
    I love to learn new things and I’m always trying something new. Most of my ideas originated through life experiences and by associating myself with great people. In addition to taking my career seriously, I served as a member of the board of directors on both city and state levels within the property management industry, I was chairman of education for 5-years in Jacksonville, FL and I sponsored an 8-year old boy through Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Through a team effort along with several amazing peers, I was part of a team that received the International BEST Award from the Association for Training & Development in 2015 & 2016. In order to strengthen my facilitation style and approach, I’ve completed: -Development Dimensions International’s Certification -Leadership Lyceum through the Florida Apartment Association -Advanced Instructor Training through the National Apartment Associations Education Institute I now develop most of my content by working with content development specialists, subject matter experts and by applying my own spin through my research and experience.
  5. Managing Director
    I have gained inspiration by observation and through guidance from great leaders that I was truly fortunate enough to work with. I would not categorize every leader I’ve worked with as “great” but even the ones that were not have taught me valuable lessons about the importance of doing what’s right for more than just me. I have been so fortunate to find inspiration at all points in my life, starting with my father who taught me the importance of hard work, the secretary in my elementary school of whom I attribute much of my moral compass to, my first real boss who gave me an opportunity and pushed me to be better than I thought I could be, the leader who trusted me with the growth of her company, the person who trusted me to create and facilitate dozens of programs, the leader that inspired me through his actions and words and the family that I am so blessed to come home to each and every day.
  6. Managing Director
    I use stories and analogies to build up an emotional connection with my audience and deliver the point through a series of "aha" moments. My life has been full of exciting ups and downs which makes it easy for me to connect with even the most diverse groups through relatable stories. If I had to pick one style, I’d describe it as a connection. I always go into a presentation with the intent to connect with the audience.
  7. Managing Director
    1) Create an environment that makes people comfortable enough to speak up and participate. 2) Communicate with the audience in a way that makes it easy for them to turn the lesson into action. 3) Show appreciation and respect for the group by coming prepared to deliver a presentation with purpose and value.
  8. Managing Director
    I'd like to believe I share common qualities with other great speakers but there are a few things about me that make me a good fit in most situations. I'm relatable. What I mean by this is that I've been on both sides of the fence so I understand what it's like working in the field as the first point of contact and as the leader who has to take difficult and unpopular actions. I add substance to my presentations. Any well-established speaker can entertain an audience at a moment’s notice. The true difference comes from the amount of planning and research put into turning my ideas into usable tools and techniques. When you leave my session, you'll be ready and able to move progressively forward. I have integrity. Whether we work together for a one-time event or through ongoing training and development programs, I will do what's right for you the customer, it's just who I am.

"I believe that within all of us is this crazy awesome set of tools, that with the right motivation, can create positive and productive change. I'd be honored to bring that motivation to your next event."